Delhi Meerut Road (Near Bus Stand) Muradnagar, Ghaziabad (U.P)

Affiliation Code : 2131255 | School Code : 60561




Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Passing from industrial age to the green revolution. The knowledge era require a stron foundation. Changing times,couple with exponential & stricles in information technology and global competitveness which have opened a vast opportunity of careers in multidicipline service, Industryand Buisness,Technical & scientific Research, Health & human development we aim significiantly to transform our student for these challanges by importing quality schooling with the best possible human resource& infrastructure.

Our Mission

  • To build a strong formation of schooling essentially required by a student handling the higher education of his choice.
  • To provide balanced physica,moral,ethical,spritual extra currical and vocational instruction for complete developmentof student’s personality.
  • To instill and develop self confidence in every student and a sense of responsibility and leadership in every walk of life.
  • To perform a role of nation builder by sharpening the preceptions that contribute to national cohesion,scientific temprament and independence of mind and spirit.
  • To impart and pass on cultural and heritage values to students and have the way for learning enviromental seeking to produce an enlightened and sensitized citizen and a complete human being.